What is Cola Warrior

Cola Warrior was started in 2011 by former Marine Infantry Officer, RustedAce, as a small competition between a few dozen people. The layout was deceptively simple, do five obstacles, eat five peeps, field strip an AK, run half a mile, shoot a bunch of rifle and pistol targets, chug a six pack of cola. Sounds easy, then you try it.


All events are Free to attend and funds to operate each event are generated by donations from participants. We are roughly organized by regular people that dedicate our free time and creativity to generate funds to host these events. When we aren't building obstacles, designing t-shirts, patches, or finding sponsors, we come together to help those in need within our community. 


"You will never meet a group of people that define comradery more accurately than Cola Warriors."

During times of need, you will have Cola Bros show up to help, offer their spare bedroom, or send supplies or funds. This is a family that you instantly become part of after your very first run. 




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Cola Warrior (CW) was started 7 years ago by AR15.com user "Rusted Ace" as a sort of combination training event, joke, and semi-serious competition. Rusted Ace was a prior service Marine and held various combat instructor billets following his combat tours.  During his time off, he bought a hundred or so acres of swamp in Mississippi, on which is held the original CW event every year in the Spring. The competition format is the same - 5 obstacles, peep & AK, run, shoot, chug. What makes Cola Warrior special to us is that things are non-commercial and completely community run.

 After its inception, the competition became instantly popular, and in its third year there were 75 competitors. Cola Warrior East was started when some of the Mid-Atlantic members wanted to put together a "regional competition.”

CW East follows the same financing and competition model as the original; nobody makes any money from it, you run it safely, it's open to the public and you follow the CW format. In fact, anyone is welcome to put together their own event as long as they follow those rules, and at least one CW veteran helps plan it to ensure that the formula is adhered to. 

    Each Event is in a different location.

Find the address for the event in which you wish to attend on the event page. 

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