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Levels of sponsorship, we don't play that. we love you all!

Once you've donated to Cola Warrior, you will remain a warrior sponsor link on our site. 

Donate as much or as little as you want. New guns, we’re down with that. Some swag packs, awesome! But most of all, we want to showcase you; your brand, your new products. We don’t take money from sponsors, all events are run entirely on donations from the competitors.


We’ll get your name and logo out on social media, we’ll put your logo on our shirts, we’ll fly your banners, we’ll post your logo and link on our site, if you come out we’ll guarantee you a run slot and we’ll save you some space to hawk your wares or just show off, and if your product rocks, we’ll rabidly recommend it to everyone we know, and we know a lot of people.

    Each Event is in a different location.

Find the address for the event in which you wish to attend on the event page. 

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